SuperTune Preventative Maintenance Club

Regular furnace & Heat Pump maintenance is essential for every homeowner, and more so if your furnace is older. Many older furnaces work just fine for many years but eventually start showing their age. If not regularly maintained, your furnace could give out on you at the worst possible time.

Does my AC system need a tune up?

An older furnace/heat pump loses efficiency over time, making it more expensive to run. Regular maintenance keeps it working as smoothly as possible and identifies performance issues or failing parts that can be fixed. You’ll also lower your heating and cooling bills when your heat pump doesn’t have to work harder than it needs to.
Our SuperTune Maintenance Plan is a bi-annual maintenance.  One is performed in the heating season and one is performed in the cooling season. As a SuperTune member you will receive 10% off of any future services or repairs, priority scheduling, and a discounted diagnostic rate of $59 rather than our regular rate of $89. The maintenance visits include a highly skilled technician performing a comprehensive evaluation of your HVAC system. They will clean out your condensate drain line, rinse your outdoor coil, clean out any leaves/sticks/debris, check all the electrical connections, test thermostat settings and programming, inspect ductwork, check refrigerant levels, general light cleaning of the unit. You will receive before and after photos as well as a full summary of your systems operations. Our SuperTune membership is just an annual investment of $99 per system. **Filters are available upon request for an additional fee. Check out our online filter selection to save money. Filter changes are available. Ask us for more information!

What is the ABSOLUTE Difference?

Any heating and air conditioning company can “sell” you a new system, and they can all install them, but it is the service they provide to you that makes all the difference.
Below is a list of what sets Absolute Climate Control apart from the competition, “The ABSOLUTE Difference”. These value-added services have allowed us to grow into one of the fastest growing heating and air conditioning companies simply by word of mouth, all without ever sacrificing the quality and service our clients deserve. How many other companies can say that?

The Highest Quality Heating & Cooling Products in the Industry

We do not attempt to cut cost or cut corners by selling our clients inferior products. All of the materials we use are top-of-the-line products that have been chosen for their high quality.

Superior Engineering

Our clients receive the best performing, quietest, and most reliable heating and cooling systems on the market. This is due to our superior knowledge of the engineering and duct design process. Here at Absolute Climate Control our work is backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty to provide our clients with the proper value they rightfully deserve and should expect.

Our Customers Come First

Many companies claim they have “the best” customer service. At Absolute our entire staff lives up to this claim. If our clients are not satisfied with our products or services, we will do everything in our power to make it right. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another company that has the confidence in itself to make you these same promises!


We deliver on our promises and fulfill all of our commitments. Absolute owner and managers are constantly receiving positive feedback from clients about our team’s service and professionalism. We execute a preparation and quality inspection process for each and every job that is unmatched by competitors. Our team works hand in hand with clients to make sure the job is done right and that all of the client’s needs are met.
Earning client satisfaction and referral is our number one priority. We do this by providing the above and paying attention to the details.

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