“From the moment the secretary Audrey answered my first call I knew this was going to be a positive experience. Audrey was polite, warm, very professional, listened to me, was informed, knew exactly how to access the information I needed.
Her follow-up was thorough throughout this whole experience.

Hayden-my technician, from our very first contact was professional, friendly, demonstrated that he was well informed about the very complicated job he had to do. And in the process made sure I knew how to correct ly operate and maintain my very complicated mini split. He told and showed me what he was doing to clean the machine, why it needed to be done, and how to avoid problems in the future. He is a great teacher! Hayden gladly answered all of my questions about his very extensive and ongoing on-the-job and workshop training and the experience he has had while working for Absolute. It was very clear that Hayden loves his job and for good reason. He clearly feels valued and respected by his employer and his supervisors. He clearly respects and values them, as well as his coworkers. I am very grateful to have found a company with the work ethic/culture that Absolute has created and these employees who have embraced it.”

– Carolyn H.